Truth´s Redemption for us all!!

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Hi rockers!!

A new website, a new album coming, what else is new? Well, we have a lot of things that we can consider as new :)
Besides the website and the album we will soon have a brand new video out on “the tube” as well as here on our site, do not miss that!!!

Something else that is quite new is the release party 12th of Sep, we gonna play a bunch of song from Truth´s Redemption but also perhaps 1 or 2 tracks from the Greed album, we´ll see :)
Haven will also join us the same evening and deliver some metal for you as well, great band, don´t miss it!! Gonna be fun as hell!!

What more is new?, well, alot of things is going on in the background, we wanna play live as much as possible, promote our album of course, meet all the rockers out there that we haven´t seen for a long time, we really miss to be on stage.
As you can see some things is new but Silent Call isn´t new, we been around for some time and we´re here to stay!

Truth´s Redemption will be release 15th of Sep in Europe and 7th of Oct in US.

If you have missed it or whatever :) you can already now pre-order our new album, check out these sites:

MVD Entertainment Group


CD Universe


We hope to see you at the release party!! Were and when? Check the gig calendar.

See ya!