Singer announcement

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Ok folks, as we promised.
We have the pleasure to announce our new singer,… Göran Nyström!!
A really nice fellow and a great singer!! He´s gonna make our songs sound amazing!!
We are all very happy to have him onboard!
Some of you may perhaps have heard of him before from his time Twinspirits, here is a short presentation and some samples (see links below), enjoy!

“Göran Nyström was born in the north of Sweden in the early 80s. His first idols in music was and still is Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden.  He discovered his interest for singing while participating in a school project.  He evolved from being a big purchaser of various metal acts albums and merchandise, to starting bands and performing the music that he loved rather than listening to other bands. In his early 20s, Göran started taking music more seriously and formed the thrashmetalband PAINCRAZE together with some close friends. The years went by but Görans passion for music never ceased. In 2008, Göran was given the opportunity to sing in the Italian progressive metalband TWINSPIRITS after a worldwide webbased auditioningprocess. The band made two albums with following tours with Göran on vocals.
Besides music, Göran enjoys spending time with his family and cat, play videogames, watch scifi movies, sculpting and drawing.
” I´ve been looking for an established band who plays classic rock/metal with progressive elements for quite some time now and when this opportunity came up there was really no hesitation. The guys in the band are great and I´m absolutely positive that we will create something magnificent together. The destination is set and were gonna love every inch of the ride. See you on the road folks! “ Göran Nyström.”