Happy New Year!!!

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2015 is coming to an end so let’s sum it up.

2015 didn’t start out to well, just a few days into the new year Andi announced his depature, 7 years of great brotherhood came to an end, Andi left Silent Call. It was of course a small chock and very sad but life goes on, we weren’t ready to quit, not at all. As you might know, great singers are hard to find, they don’ t end up hanging around in every street corner so to speak. We were lucky though, within a week after Andi left we got our hand on a very talented singer, a great person indeed! With Göran Nyström behind the mic we were ready to kick off for new adventures and no time to loose, we had a european tour booked infront of us, the first one for Silent Call!!!! Cool!!!

The rehearsing for the tour started immediately and in the beginning of September we went out on the road, 2 weeks in a small bus, 6 persons ready to rock n roll!!! 10 shows in 6 countries (Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Chech Republic and Sweden), it was exhausting for sure, hardly no sleep, spending around 5000km on the road but whos complaining??? We had fun as hell!!!

We were lucky, lucky to be the support act for the mighty Tad Morose, awesum band and a great bunch of guys (Christer Krunt Andersson, Peter Morén, Ronny Hemlin, Tommy Karpanen and Kenneth Jonsson) they took such good care of us, we had many laughs and beers as well :) it’s a memory for life, we hope we can do this again sometime!!

A special thanks to Sven and Tilda for taking care of things and us as well :) and to Bagge for making us sound good!!

So, 2015 is over in just a couple of hours, we are gearing up for 2016, we are actually right now recording new song for our next album we hope to release during 2016. 

Happy New Year to you all, see you in 2016